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The carpeting in your home can be wonderful. Soft carpet feels great on your feet, is cozy during the colder months and chilly mornings is great for kids and pets to play on, and can look great! Unfortunately, carpet can also be harder to maintain. Almost everything you do in your house can end up on your carpet. Things like cooking smells and stains, pet odour and dander, food spills, and mud tracked in from outside can have your carpet looking and smelling pretty bad over time. 

So, what do you do to fix it? Chem-Dry Select has the solution. We are your reliable Spruce Grove carpet cleaning experts.

How Carpet Cleaning Can Leave You With a Healthier Home

You might not realize it, but your carpet has a lot to do with the overall health of your home. Pet dander, outdoor allergens, dirt, and dust particles can get trapped deep in the fibres of your carpeting over time. When this happens, it can increase allergens when your home and reduce the overall air quality. This isn’t a pleasant situation for anyone living in your home. 

When you schedule to have your home’s carpets deep cleaned with Chem-Dry Select, however, you’ll be left with an overall better clean. Here’s how our professional cleaning services can increase the healthy aspect of your home:

  • Deep and Long-Lasting Clean – Using our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process to deep clean your carpets, we’re able to remove most deep-set allergens and stains present. This leaves your carpet looking and feeling better, longer.
  • Drier – Amazingly, our technicians can use ⅕ of the amount of water used by other companies’ steam cleaning processes. This allows your carpets to dry within hours, instead of days and reduces the chances of bacteria growth due to moisture.
  • Fewer Allergens and Bacteria – Utilizing our Hot Carbonating Extraction method, paired with our natural and non-toxic cleaning formulas, we’re able to remove up to 98% of common allergens that are found in household carpets. This can also result in up to 89% of bacteria being removed from the air when paired with a sanitizer.
  • Odour Elimination – Poor indoor air quality can result from penetrating odours coming from your carpets. A deep clean can remove these odours and have everything smelling fresh and clean once again.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When you hire Chem-Dry Select to clean your carpets, you won’t be getting standard service. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients every time. You can expect our technicians to thoroughly inspect your carpet to ensure a thorough cleaning job is conducted. 

Utilizing our unique Hot Carbonated Extraction method, and paired with our line of safe and natural cleaning solutions, your carpet will be guaranteed clean when we’re done with it. Best of all, it won’t damage your carpet in any way, and it’ll dry quickly, getting your Barrahaven home back in order in no time. 

Why We’re the Right Ones for the Job

Since 1993, Chem-Dry Select and our technicians have worked hard to perfect our carpet cleaning processes. You can be sure that we’ll conduct a thorough inspection and service every time, leaving you with better looking, better smelling, and healthier carpet for you and your family to enjoy. 

Plus, we guarantee all of our work. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not satisfied, and the work is free.

What are you waiting for? Cleaner carpets await you! Call Chem-Dry Select today at (587) 409-5758 to schedule your free and no-hassle consultation appointment.


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